The South London Lofts Expansion Story

May 2013: South London Lofts breaks its own record
and sells over 100 lofts by May.

February 2012: SLL Advertises for the first time in SW19
and London Exclusive magazines.

February 2012: SLL lofts has booked to be at the new Great
British Home Show at Blue Water 31sy May - 4th June 2012

February 2012: SLL Feb 20th starts it's 30th Loft conversion
this year,it's in Twickenham TW11

February 2012: SLL by Feb 21st has sold 32 Loft conversions so far in 2012
mainly by recommendations

January 2012: SLL looks to expand and build conversions further
afield as recommendations come in in North and North
West London.

January 2012: SLL books to appear at 3 shows this year so far.
Ideal Home Show, The Grand Design Show at the Excel and
The Home Improvement show Earls Court.

January 2012: SLL has a good start to the year with 10 conversions
already started and new orders coming.

December 2011: SLL Lofts sells 180 Lofts in 2011 and
builds 140 conversions.

December 2011: SLL appears for the first time at the Ideal Home
show at Christmas at Earls Court, a busy show with a few
quick orders after the show.

2011 - 29 October: Currently starting to build our 130th Conversion
this year

2011 - 28 October: Also we have just converted our 29th Loft on the
one street

2011 - 25 October: Home improvement show 29th sept - 2nd Oct 2011
Our best show yet and we have currently sold 4 Conversions

2011 - 25 July: Roof terrace are very popular this year SLL has just
sold the 9th one this year

2011 - 30 June: SLL wins an appeal and gained planning permission to
build a London roof conversion in Kennington

2011 - 25 May: SLL did the Grand Design Show at the Excel Centre early
May and it went very well lots of new interest.

2010 - In 2010 SLL built 108 lofts. This was a good year and we feel we
moved forward, also building many conversions
in new areas for us.

2010 - November: we have now converted 105 Lofts in 2010 so far
and sold 125! We are now booking in new contracts for
January-February 2011. Our service service is constantly
improving as our customers acknowledge in their testimonials.

2010 - 91 lofts sold in first half of the year as business begins to pick
up again after the recession. Exhibited at The Home
Improvement Show at Sandown Park
where there was great
interest in what we have to offer and we are currently taking
new orders. Record third year at The Home Improvement
Show, Earls Court

2009 - 86 lofts converted and exhibits at The Home Improvement
Show in Earls Court
where we sell two conversions.

2008 - 90 lofts converted, featured in London Paper

2007 - 175 lofts converted - we continue to expand and produce
quality work as the recession hits

2006 - 136 lofts converted, featured on Property Ladder and helps
out with new Haynes Manual for loft conversions

2005 - 92 lofts converted and moves to large dedicated premises

2004 - 90 lofts converted and featured on Homes Under the Hammer

2003 - 76 lofts converted

2002 - 57 lofts converted and first website built

2001 - 36 lofts converted

2000 - 25 lofts converted

1999 - SLL is set up and takes first orders building 5 conversions