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Service and aim

Our service is to give you the best loft conversion speedily built and to the highest of quality, for a competitive price and to make the process as painless as possible.

We know and respect the fact that it’s a big decision and big investment for you.

The aim is that at the end of the project you will have a brilliant loft conversion and be suitably happy enough to give us a good report and testimonial and recommend us to your friends and neighbours.

Check out our testimonial page of the web site:


Project management

The project management is carefully organized with our team and is a system that we have worked and developed over the years.

We don’t have lots of separate teams but one group that are centrally run and organised, so each conversion goes through the same system, this maintains high standards and quality of service to you.

You will have a project manager that will be your point of contact through the conversion and also at least 7 other points of contact while your loft is being converted.



The tradesman that will build your conversion have worked with the company for many years, it’s a settled work force and each member has been tried and tested for their reliability and ability to do the work to a high standard

Also because of the length of time that the men have worked together means that the teams work between each trade (Architects, Plumbing, Electrics, Plastering, Carpentry, Roofing, Scaffolding, and Joinery for New staircase etc) is fantastic and second to none.



The plans and structural calculations will be prepared by our architect and submitted to Building Control for approval.

A copy of the plans will be given to you prior to the application being made, at this stage any alterations you may want can be incorporated in the design.

Building regulations

Your plans and structural calculations will be submitted to building control approved inspectors.

They will check and approve the plans in 2 days and send out correspondence to you, keeping you updated with the process.

They will also send you an invoice for their work, as this is not included in our price.

Once the work has started the building inspector will be called to site a few times to check the work with the project manager, so you will be able to stay in touch with the process, we obviously will organize everything that is required.


Guarantee and insurance

At the end of the project we will give you our full Company Ten Year Guarantee.
We also offer an insurance backed guarantee if you feel it necessary to have it at an extra cost.

South London Lofts Ltd has full Insurance cover.
- Employers Liability £5 Million
- Public Liability £5 Million


FMB and Guild of Master Craftsmen

South London Lofts Ltd is a member of both FMB (Membership No 13045) and the Guild of Master Craftsmen (Membership No X083045).

Being a member of these organisations shows that we are very serious about our work and service as each organisation has criteria that each member have to comply with to uphold high standards in the industry.

South London Lofts Ltd has been members for years and has a proven good record.

When can we build your conversion?

We don’t have a waiting list, so if you want to get going quickly this won’t be a problem!

We find that each conversion will have a natural lead in and set up time, for the plans and calculations to be done along with possible planning permission and party wall agreements. As soon as this process is complete then we can get building the conversion for you. We also assure you that we will build the conversion quickly and efficiently.

Lead-in times

The lead in time to start a conversion that requires planning permission, (Generally Flats and conservation areas). From 8-12 weeks (Planning permission takes eight weeks)

The lead in time to start a conversion without planning, via permitted development, (Generally Houses). From 2-4 weeks.

Getting started: plans, deposit, and contract

You will probably have a start date in mind for you conversion, let us know and we will work towards this date. With most people it’s as soon as possible this won’t be a problem as mentioned we don’t have a waiting list.
If you are keen to get moving with the project the first thing we do is get our architect to contact you to arrange a visit to get the survey done in preparation of drawing up your new plans. These will be done and sent to you in about 7 days.
All that is required for this process at this stage is a £1,500 part payment deposit.
This is all you will pay until we start the work.
Prior to starting the work we will get a stage payment contract completed with you. Once this has been done then we can get started with the conversion.

The process of converting your loft

The first thing we do after you have called us is to pop over to your house and talk to you about your loft and find out your requirements. After this we send you very quickly a free no obligation quote, normally via email these days.

Once you've had time to digest everything and you're ready to get going we will send out our architect to measure up and get some plans and structural calculations done. These are then submitted to Building control and we will have approval in 2 days.

Next is a start date we agree with you and we look to get the scaffolding put up in anticipation of starting the conversion. Material delivery and work starts, week 1. Floor structure is installed and extensions are built in the first week. The staircase is ordered and fitting is normally in week 2 of the project. First fix plumbing and electrics are done week 2, to your specification. All windows are supplied and installed week 2-3 Insulation and plastering is done normally by week 3-4 Second fix plumbing, electrics and carpentry are done week 4-5 Roofing work is completed normally week 5-

Decoration of the loft and tiling in the shower room can be started now. Final touches and completion of work weeks 6-8 and sometimes 9-10 depending on the size of the conversion. Final sign off with building control.

Viewing and referrals

If you would like to see one of our previous conversions so that you can see what we can achieve this is always possible and we actually recommend it as it is a great way to get to know us and also see how we got on with a previous customer.

Also you will have the opportunity to give us a testimonial and refer us to one of your neighbours or friends.

Obviously we would be delighted to get further work through doing a great conversion for you that others will be impressed with along with yourself.

Sometimes it is a good idea to get the loft done at the same time as your neighbour so all the work ends up being done in one go cutting down on the noise and disruption of possibly having two separate conversions converted at different times.

South London Lofts Ltd

We started 15 years ago and have been expanding and growing since that time and of course now have vast amount of experience which our customers now benefit from greatly!

South London Lofts Ltd is a dedicated loft conversion specialist and we have converted many lofts in and around where you live.

Many of our conversions have come to us via recommendation as we like to work this way with many referrals and testimonials. On one street alone we have converted 33 Lofts.

We have now converted more than 1,700 conversions.
This shows clearly that we have been very successful with our work and that we are committed to giving you a great conversion and experience.

Reasons to feel secure in us!

  • We know that for many it can be quite worrying getting major conversion work done to the property, as builders in general haven’t always had the best of reputations.
  • We are committed to look after your project and make sure that you will be happy at the end of the experience.
  • The company was set up with a vision to work to high standards and give you the best conversion inside and out, which is what we have been doing for years... check out our reviews on the testimonial page.
  • We will be happy at some point for you to have a look at one of our previous conversions, similar to that of yours to show you what we can achieve. This will also give you the opportunity to talk with a customer who has just been through the whole process. Let us know and we will arrange this.

Extensions and refurbishment

The simplest way of for most properties to expand is with a new room in the loft, but it is of course by no means the only way.

That's why South London Lofts provides a complete building, finishing and decorating service. For example, the brief for this project was to convert a neglected small semi in south London with an overgrown garden into a luxurious space with two extra bedrooms.

We completed loft extension, kitchen with the latest fittings, and a smart new garden, all within six weeks, and the result is an investment which is being let at a premium rent.

Our service

Expanding your home is an exciting prospect. You have the anticipation of planning, designing, then having the conversion built.... following on with decoration and furnishing a new space.

Nevertheless, you will have a lot of questions. As we have the experience, we will be able to guide you through the process of converting your loft and meeting your needs. We have prepared this page to help answer many of the questions you may have.

Please click on any of the topics on the left - or call us - all the answers.

A look inside one recent project

The stages of a conversion

Areas where we work

Like every company we have a base but we can quite easily work any where in the Greater London area.

The map shows the areas we have worked in over years since we started. We will normally have a loft converted not too far from where you live and will be able to show it to you

So where ever you live please feel free to contact us.

36-38 Old Devonshire Road, London, SW12 9RB

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